Our Story

Casey and I met in our church’s youth group when we were juniors in high school…which feels like just yesterday! We started dating and haven’t stopped since. Get ready for some awesomely embarrassing pictures.


why am I wearing butterfly antennas?

prom 155

here we are at prom where I made my dress out of antiqued curtains. #nofilter

From high school, we went to separate colleges for two years and dated long distance…which is one of the hardest things to do (shout out to military wives, AMIRITE?!). And then eventually I transferred to the greatest university in the world, Texas A&M University. Yes, I’m that kind of Aggie. #brainwashed

We got engaged in the most perfect way possible (too long to write out), and then got married at the church where we met. *insert collective awww* just kidding, I’m not that annoying I’m only slighting annoying.


We added a new member to our family in December 2016, Joel Francis. Coming in a whopping 8 pounds, 1 ounce. He has since tripled his birth weight because homeboy doesn’t stop eating. You can read his birth story when I write it on his 1st birthday.

And that’s our story! We hope you can follow along with us as we grow, love, and learn.