Hello there!

I’m so glad you found your way to our sweet blog. This is basically my public diary where you’ll find my sassy comments on life and motherhood, easy DIYs because normal people don’t have time for elaborate ones, party planning, and home decor. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy sharing it.

Casey: The alpha of the household. You can often find him in our garage working on the multiple projects I dream up, changing into the matching outfit I bought him and Joel, or cooking delicious meals because momma don’t cook he’s the best cook in this home.

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Rebecca: The stay-at-home-working mom who is obsessed with instastory (watching, direct messaging, and posting), portrait mode on the new iPhones, dressing her husband and son up as twins (see above photo), staging the perfect pictures which never turn out perfectly, and coming up with ways to make it on Dancing With the Stars without being famous at all.

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Joel: The almost one year old cutie living that good life as an only child. His favorite past times are pretending to laugh when he hears people laughing, boycotting sign language, wiggling out of the arms of anyone holding him, and eating anything he finds on the ground (some favorites include but are not limited to: leaves and dog food).


Dozer: The dog who pretends to people all the time. He can often be found getting something off the kitchen counter when we’re not home and eating it, staring out the window waiting for the alpha to get home, or under Joel’s tight grasp/open mouth kiss.


This is us……not to be confused with one of NBC’s greatest hits.