The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist

baby registry

Hey y’all! Remember when I was semi-consistent with writing blog posts? Me either. Well, I’m back after a couple month break and better than ever exactly the same.

I decided to write this Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist when I saw that Babies R Us was shutting down and a close friend of mine had just recently announced she was pregnant. I thought, “How is she going to know what to register for?? Is she just supposed to just fend for herself?!” Well have no fear, because here is a seasoned mother’s perspective on what to register for for your first baby!

*Hyperlinks included, but as always, not sponsored. (do you think that has something to do with my sporadic and not-at-all consistent blog content? Nah.)*

For the Nursery:
– Changing pad
– Changing pad liners (these are good if baby has an accident, then you don’t have to wash the entire changing pad cover)
– Changing pad cover (to match the nursery)
– Changing table (I just used a dresser)
– Crib (highly suggest getting a 4-in-1 crib that converts to a toddler bed, etc)
– Crib mattress
– Crib waterproof matress pad
– Crib sheets (I’d get 2-3. My favorite were the Burts Bees because they’re super soft)
– Bassinet (if the baby will be sleeping in your room for a little bit…otherwise you don’t really need one)
– Glider (we got ours from Nebraska Furniture Mart and love it)

Baby Gear:
– Infant carseat plus stroller frame (I highly suggest this carseat and stroller frame. This thing is so light weight and we used ours all the time!)
– Toddler car seat
– Stroller(some people get jogging strollers which seem cool and helpful if you’re going to go running with a baby, but I’ve found to not really need it because they’re bulky and heavy…and also I don’t run)
– Baby carrier (this is the one I have, but I don’t like it. I suggest an ERGO 360)
– Baby wrap (for the earlier months…I don’t know. I liked mine but didn’t really use it)
– Pack and play (I just recommend the actual pack and play, not all the rest of it like the bassinet and everything. However, some people use this instead of a bassinet in the earlier months.)
– Pack and play sheets (Target)
– Mirror for car (I just got this one for Joel and I love it. He used to sweat in the backseat in the summer because there are no vents back there.)
– Hook for stroller for bags

– Diaper bag (1)(2)(3)I’ve had all 3 of these and loved them all for different reasons
– Diapers (I just used what the hospital gave me, pampers swaddlers)
– Wipes (Costco are my favorite and huggies are my least favorite)
– Diaper rash cream (this is my fav)
– Aquafor
– Diaper pail+ refills

Bath Time:
– Baby bath tub
Baby bath tub (we got this one once Joel could sit up and it was the BEST!…mostly because he wasn’t super sturdy so we couldn’t just put him all the way in the bath tub like he is now).
– Hooded baby towels [(2) Target has THE cutest ones]
– Baby shampoo and soap (I just wouldn’t recommend Johnsons. I like the Honest soap/shampoo)
– Washcloths [(5+) Target]
– Bath kneeler (I didn’t have one of these, but kind of want one)
– Bath toys + organizer
Spout cover (for when they’re older and can hit their head on the faucet)
– Water pitcher (they have pink for girls too!)

Breastfeeding/Bottle Feeding:
– Boppy pillow (they have the cutest cover patterns on Etsy)
– Nipple cream (lolz necessary)
– Hot/Cold Ice packs
– Breast pads(no leakage!)
– Nursing bras (Target is great. Maybe not for a registry, but just know you need them)
– Breast pump (check with insurance first…loved my Medela)
– Pumping accessories: milk bags, breastmilk cooler (if you use the medela pump), all the pump parts (should come with it, but if you want extra), pumping bra (MUST NEED)
– Burp clothes and bibs [my mom sells some that I love, but Target has some cute ones (Little Unicorn). Theseare also some of my favs…muslin fabric is super absorbent]
– Bottles (I used the medela ones and Joel got a lot of air bubbles so I switched to Brown…but it’s honestly going to depend on baby they might not like certain bottle nipples, so I wouldn’t buy/register for a large amount of one type of bottle until you know for sure)
– Bottle brush
– Microwave bottle cleaning bags
Bottle drying rack (this is my fav. You can get a “patch” or “lawn” depending on your counter space)
– Bottle drying rack accessories (twig and flower)
– Bottle warmer (I never really needed one, sometimes I feel like they overheat milk a lot of the times…I would wait and see about what baby wants)
– Baby Brezza (maybe not for registry because you might not formula feed like I had to, but this would’ve been a lifesaver)
– Traveling bottle brush and drying set
– Milk Snob Cover (A FAVORITE IN THIS HOUSEHOLD. For breastfeeding, covering the car seat, restaurant high chair cover, and shopping cart cover. They sell these at Target, but they have other patterns too!)

Solid Feeding:
– High chair (this is ours, but I debated the IKEA highchair with a cute Etsy cushion cover. If you do get a Graco-type high chair, I recommend neutral to match home decor since it will be out and also wheels on ALL 4 corner so it’s easy to move.)
– Feeding supplies [utensils (these are my favorite, but I would register for some other spoons, especially in the beginning because you don’t know what’ll be easiest for baby. Joel had a hard time using some spoons more than others. plates, bowls, then I would get suction bowls as well]
– Sippy cups (my fav) and some cheap ones from Walmart…this will depend on baby!
– Plastic bibs or muslin bibs
– Snack cup
– Food processor (if you don’t have one already)
– Pouch maker+ bags +spoons (if you’re going to make your own baby food)

Clothing (you probably won’t have to register for this because you’re going to get it anyways):
– Sleeping onesies (I prefer zip because it’s easier than buttons when you’re half asleep…and bonus points if it zip top to bottom)
– Outfits (in all sizes)
– Socks
– Hats
– Mittens (for sleeping so baby doesn’t scratch it’s face)
– Baby friendly laundry detergent

– Blankets [I suggest swaddle blankets, receiving blankets, and at least one, large quilted blanket (Little Unicorn)]
– Velcro swaddles (SwaddleMe is my favorite brand for the early months, then I switched to Halo brand when he was bigger and could turn over)
– Sound machine (this is ours and I like it because it has a night light too)
– Traveling sound machine (loved this because it velcroed to the car seat)
– Humidifier
Stuffed animal(for when they turn 1 Jthis is my favorite brand)
– Pacis (I would register for a few different types because baby will decide. I’ve heard good ones about this one. Joel always loved his wubbanub)
– Paci clips (I used this for toys when he was prone to dropping them)

Baby soothers, toys, entertainment:
– Mamaroo (10/10 would recommend…got mine used from facebook)…cheaper option
Jumperoo (obviously)
– Bumbo chair
Highchair toy
– Baby seat (I’ve heard really good things about this…for before they can really sit up on their own…it’s more fun than a bumbo)
– Playmat (this was ours and I liked it because of the piano, but I also liked the square larger ones)
– Excersaucer
– Books
– Toys (highly recommend Sophie the giraffe…I would register for some for the first year)
– Teething toys/teething necklace
– Walker
– Pewi Bike

– Baby gates (if you need them)
– Outlet covers (my favorite for regular outlets and outlets you’re using)
– Baby monitor (highly suggest getting two cameras…so you can mount one and use one for traveling)

– Baby Tylenol
– Baby orajel
– Baby first aid kit (has all the things)
– Nose Frieda
Thermometer (love the electronic ones)
– Baby toothpaste
– Hand sanitizer (for you and for baby. Honest has a spray hand sanitizer one for babies)

And that’s about it! I hope this is helpful and not overwhelming. There are people that will use everything on the list and some who won’t use much. It all depends on baby!

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