If I could pack my hospital bag all over again…

hospital bag

A girl I knew from high school is almost due with her first baby and she asked on Facebook for recommendations for what to put in her hospital bag…which got me thinking: I put so much useless crap in my hospital bag that I didn’t end up needing/using and forgot so many things that would have been so useful! There are already so many “hospital bag checklists” out there, but I’m writing my own so that maybe there’s something on this list that could help a mom in need or for next time (when that time comes) I hopefully won’t be regretting what I forgot at home!

Hospital Bag Must Haves for Mom:

  • Comfy Pajamas: Preferably something like the picture that’s a button down so that you don’t have to completely undress for night time feedings. I slept in my cute hospital gown (which I also highly recommend as well)…but would’ve rather something more comfy to sleep in!
  • The stretchiest and most comfortable clothing you own. Leggings are a must. Fuzzy socks. Enough said.
  • Slippers. Because walking barefoot on the hospital floor is ew.
  • Flip flops for the shower.
  • Granny pannies. Am I getting into the TMI section of this blog post?
  • Nursing bras & pads and nipple cream. It’s nature y’all, get over it.
  • Any toiletries you might need (brush, contact solution, glasses, shampoo/conditioner, soap, lotion, hair ties, etc). I grabbed my full out make up bag because it was just the first thing I grabbed out the door to the hospital and I’ll tell you I did not wear ANY make up the entire time in there. But I think I’m in the minority…people like to get all gussied up before their first family picture and I’m just too lazy for all that. But don’t forget chapstick.
  • Snacks. Any of your favorite snacks for in between meals because #breastfeeding or for your husband because hospitals don’t feed baby daddy.
  • Phone and phone charger. Maybe invest in a longer charging cable?
  • iPad. I watched Netflix in my downtime…and I think Casey may have watched some Netflix during labor while I was sleeping, since he couldn’t sleep.
  • Your own pillow…if you’re as attached to your pillow as I am. Maybe a little too attached. Kind of wish I brought my own blanket, but I think that might be too much 🙂

Hospital Bag Must Haves for Baby:

  • Boppy Pillow: I saw this on some checklist and I was like, “Ok that’s a little excessive, why don’t you just bring the whole nursery?” But seriously. I wish I brought this. Breastfeeding was not easy with Joel and maybe I’m a pessimist for thinking that it probably won’t come easily for our future babies…but when I was in the hospital, the lactation consultant came in and started stuffing all this pillows at all different angles around me to try and make for the best breastfeeding position and I remember thinking, “My boppy pillow wouldn’t come in handy right now…” Hindsight.
  • Velcro Swaddle and Cute Swaddle Blanket: Casey makes fun of us because he says he spent all that time in the hospital learning how to swaddle and when we came home, it was useless information because all we used were the velcro swaddles. I don’t know why I didn’t bring them? I’m going to chalk that up to pregnancy brain. I also wish I brought a cute swaddle blanket for pictures or just wrapping the baby in without velcroing him/her.
  • Newborn hats. I’m a sucker for anything with ears. Joel had the biggest cone head the first day and all I had were those pink and blue striped hospital hat which was great…but again for pictures sake.
  • Sleeper pjs for baby. I would bring a few in case of accidents. Again, Joel was naked the entire time in the hospital under his swaddle…but when we got home he would sleep in pjs and a velcro swaddle, so I don’t know why I didn’t bring that stuff?
  • Car seat. The one thing you can’t leave the hospital without having. Our nurse was smart and asked us to bring the carseat to our hospital room the day we were leaving so it wasn’t too cold (since we had him in December).
  • Any cute “going home” outfit for baby.

Hospital Bag Must Haves for Other People:

  • Snacks go in this genre again. So that other people can enjoy some snacks if they want!
  • Whatever your husband needs for a couple overnight stays.
  • I wish I brought small goody bags for our nurses. They were incredible. Especially our labor and delivery nurse…I could give her a whole banquet of goodies because she was amazing. Nurses really are just hard workers, and I wish I was able to give them something other than a million verbal “thank yous”.


These are definitely the things that I wish I brought. Anything I brought that wasn’t on this list was just excessive. I didn’t end up using a lot of the things I brought. I also never wanted to bring my entire bedroom and closet and the baby’s bedroom, so I thought I was packing lightly, but turns out I packed all the wrong things. So I hope this was helpful and you don’t make the same mistake I did!

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