Joel’s Lumberjack Bash

joel's lumberjack bash

I’ve been putting this post off for awhile because I have so many pictures and I didn’t want to filter through them…and also because maybe if I didn’t write the post, Joel wouldn’t be growing up so quickly (*insert crying emoji*). But he had such a great time at his Lumberjack Bash, that I thought I would post a few photos of the DIY decor. Thank you to Kimee for taking all these pictures during the party!

When you entered the house there was a little table that had his “guestbook” (The Little Blue Truck’s Christmas) that everyone signed and he’ll be able to one day read what everyone said to him on his 1st birthday! There were cookie party favors courtesy of Steph’s Sweets (look her page up on facebook!) that were all lumberjack themed. And then there were pictures of Joel with family and friends through his first year of life. The pictures were also party favors.

Then then you entered the house, the kitchen table was covered with lumberjack goodness. It helped that the lumberjack theme went with our Christmas decor. It’s kind of like it was planned………

I borrowed a lot of decor from my friend, Amy, who runs Agape Events in Houston. So thank you, Aunt Amy! Anything I didn’t borrow from her, I mostly got from Hobby Lobby like the small trees, the birch wood, the lumberjack signs, etc. This year’s Christmas theme was the red buffalo plaid (it was everywhere), so that helped a lot!  The felt bear head is from Target!

Joel’s bib and high chair banner was made by Sassy Cecy Baby Shop. I found her on Etsy and got ALL my bibs from her during Joel’s first year of life. Just kidding…she’s my mom. BUT her bibs really are great, so go check out her Etsy page! The cake was made by my cousin, Lupe. She made Casey’s groom cake too…which was amazing. If you need a cake made, let me know!

We also had a photobooth outside with some lumberjack props, woodland animals, and a Little Tikes car hauling a Christmas tree.

That’s basically it. Joel had a great time, but I could wait a little longer for his 2nd birthday to get here!

Here is a slideshow of some pictures of him during the party. I didn’t include any other kids, but there were some there! 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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