Container Store Must Haves

must haves

In the spirit of Casey being featured in The Container Store blog (take a look!!), I decided to write a post on some of my favorite Container Store products. How I narrowed it down to just 10, you ask?? I don’t know. Everything is my favorite in this store. When Casey got a job at The Container Store, my inner neat freak self was ecstatic. I grew up loving  The Container Store and now I had a discount! It’s awesome. Anyways, here’s my top 10 favorite products from The Container Store:

  1. In the spirit of Christmas, I’ll start with this ornament storage box. We had these as a family growing up and the thing I love most about them is that the actual storage part in the inside is cardboard. So your ornaments aren’t limited to one size. If you have some that are particularly large, you can fold the outside cardboard to fit that ornament. Genius.
  2. When I was picking out baskets for the playroom, I wanted something that was durable but soft and something would stand on it’s own. I knew Joel would be pulling them off the shelves and probably roughing them around a bit, so I didn’t want anything that was too stiff or breakable like plastic. I chose these cute charcoal striped baskets and I love them! Joel really is rough with the baskets (ie putting all his weight on them or getting inside them entirely) and they have held up great.
  3. Ok really anything Elfa is my favorite. Growing up, we had Elfa closets because my parents are believers too and we swear by them. They are completely customizable and move as your family grows or changes. I remember Catherine’s closet (my younger sister) was customized to her youth sized clothes, so when she got older her clothes didn’t fit in the space anymore. All we did was move around a few shelves and voila! Done. It was the perfect space all over again.
  4. I love love love love their wrapping paper. It’s so much thicker and more durable than the cheap wrapping paper we’ve gotten at the grocery store. Not to mention, their patterns are adorable.
  5. Their acrylic modular make up storage is awesome! You can customize it by adding to it: so as your wrinkles grow, so do your creams, so does your make up storage. Mine is all organized by face creams, hand creams, etc.
  6. But Rebecca, how do you organize tupperware in the kitchen?? Those are the worst!! Well do I have a solution for you! (what?? are you not asking yourself that question??) These Elfa (again, the best) Mesh Gliding Drawers are so great for organizing tupperware containers and lids, under the sink cleaning supplies, or bathroom necessities.
  7. Again with the Elfa…this door rack is a must. We have this behind the pantry door for all those miscellaneous spices or food items. We also had them in our closets growing up. I’ve seen them used in a guest closet for wrapping paper storage, or in a kid’s closet for shoes and other things. Super diverse and awesome.
  8. When we went to Italy on our honeymoon, we used these awesome packing cubes and packing folders to organize our stuff. We were meeting the Pope and had to bring Casey’s suit, a white dress, and my veil (all without getting it wrinkled). And note to mention all the nice clothes for masses and visiting churches. This is how we did that! Those packing folders kept everything from getting wrinkled without taking up a ton of space in your suitcase.
  9. This is super random and super small, but these cable clips are life. We attached these behind our nightstands and they hold my phone charger, my apple watch charger, and the baby monitor charger all in place (all these cords went into ONE of these cable clips).
  10. Last, but certainly not least, any of their plastic storage tubs are true winners. They don’t crack or break like the flimsy, cheap Walmart ones. They have some for every space in your home. Some waterproof, some tiny, some huge (in fact, I think we just got one to hold a tailgate tent….like not a small one. One of those huge, industrial, metal poles tailgate tent). So anyways, I can’t link all their storage tubs, but they have one for EVERYTHING.

Like I said, I really don’t know how I chose just 10 and maybe I should’ve organized it by room, but I really had a hard time narrowing it down. The Container Store is awesome and has organization for everything in your life. If you want to see more pictures on how we use their products in our home, go follow @organizedhubby on instagram! That’s Casey’s instagram account for work stuff and how we stay organized in the Rehling casa.

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